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Six months ago, renowned space scientist Maggie Hill launched a career-defining mission to find other habitable planets. It did not go well. Around the same time, her girlfriend stopped speaking to her. She doesn’t want to talk about either catastrophe, but she’s going to have to.

Maggie has been asked to give a lecture about her career, in order to inspire young women to work in science. She is also attending her first ever therapy session, in which she is at pains to state how her bipolar disorder and her recent break up are not relevant to the conversation.

The show shifts between the lecture, the therapy session and a series of botched attempts to connect with her ex. The spaces overlap as we begin to build a picture of maggie’s greatest achievements and biggest regrets. LIGHTS! PLANETS! PEOPLE! Is about the limits of communication, both interpersonal and intergalactic.

Commissioned by warwick arts centre, nuffield southampton theatres and norwich arts centre. Developed at this is tomorrow. Supported using public funds from the national lottery through arts council england.

WINNER – Norfolk Arts Award (Theatre)

Credit: Video Artist/Production Manager

Dir: Molly Naylor

Prod: Norwich Arts Centre/Warwick Arts Centre/ Nuffield Southampton Theatres/Arts Council England